When Does Hardees Open? Unlock Early Bird Deals Now!

Hardee’s typically opens at 6:00 AM, but hours may vary by location. Check your local restaurant for specific opening times.

Craving a savory breakfast or a juicy burger? Look no further than Hardee’s, a popular fast-food chain renowned for its charbroiled burgers and Made From Scratch™ biscuits. With early opening hours designed to cater to the morning crowd, Hardee’s serves up hearty meals that satisfy both breakfast enthusiasts and lunchtime diners alike.

Whether you’re an early bird or just in need of a quick lunch, head over to your nearest Hardee’s to kickstart your day. Before you set out, remember to confirm the exact opening time of your local branch, as they can differ based on the region, ensuring you never miss out on their mouth-watering offerings.

Hardee’s Operating Hours

Hardee’s opens early for those eager to start their day with a hearty meal. Most restaurants welcome diners as the sun rises, typically around 6 AM. Breakfast lovers can enjoy a wide range of delicious options. The exact opening time can vary based on location.

For fans of late-night dining, Hardee’s caters to your cravings by staying open late. Many locations remain open until 10 PM or later, ensuring you get your fill of burgers and fries. So whether it’s a midnight snack or a full meal, Hardee’s has you covered.

Early Bird Specials

Hardee’s knows how to kick off the morning right. Breakfast lovers can enjoy Early Bird Special deals starting bright and early. Looking for a tasty start? Hardee’s opens its doors as early as 6 AM at most locations.

Gather your appetite for the Limited Time Offers on select mornings. Treat yourself to mouthwatering options that won’t last forever! It’s a perfect chance to savor Hardee’s breakfast favorites. Don’t miss out on these exclusive breakfast specials. The clock is ticking, so get there before these deals are gone!

Menu Highlights For Early Risers

Early birds at Hardee’s can delight in signature options.

The Loaded Omelet Biscuit packs a protein punch to start the day. Monster Biscuits combine eggs, meats, and cheese for a filling meal.

For health-conscious diners, Hardee’s offers options to nourish without guilt.

The Trim It menu features low-carb selections. Chicken fillet is grilled, not fried, offered on whole wheat buns.

Fruit and yogurt parfaits serve as a sweet yet sensible treat.

When Does Hardees Open? Unlock Early Bird Deals Now!

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Finding Your Nearest Hardee’s

Discovering the opening hours of your local Hardee’s can be simple. Check local listings for the most accurate information. Online directories and Hardee’s official website are reliable sources. Don’t forget to use Hardee’s store locator tool for quick results. This can provide you with the exact opening times. Ensure your plans align with Hardee’s operational hours to enjoy their menu offerings.

Maximize Morning Savings

Maximize your morning savings at Hardees with their loyalty programs. Join their exclusive club online. Get special offers and discounts sent straight to your inbox. Save more every time you enjoy their breakfast menu.

Don’t miss out on coupons and deals. Check their website or app regularly. Grab digital coupons for your favorite items. Look out for limited-time promotions. Share these deals with friends and family. Start your day with great food and smart savings.

When Does Hardees Open? Unlock Early Bird Deals Now!

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When Does Hardees Open? Unlock Early Bird Deals Now!

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Frequently Asked Questions On When Does Hardees Open

What Time Does Hardee’s Start Serving Breakfast?

Hardee’s typically starts its breakfast service at 6:00 AM. However, some locations may open earlier or later. It’s best to check with your local Hardee’s for their exact breakfast hours.

How Late Is Hardee’s Open?

Most Hardee’s locations close at 10:00 PM, but this can vary. Some locations, especially in larger cities or at travel plazas, may have longer hours. Always verify with your nearest Hardee’s for their specific closing times.

Are Hardee’s Hours The Same On Weekends?

Weekend hours may differ, with many Hardee’s restaurants opening later and closing earlier on Sundays. Some may also have extended hours on Fridays and Saturdays. Check local listings for weekend-specific hours.

Can I Find Hardee’s Operating Hours Online?

Yes, you can find the operating hours for any Hardee’s location on their official website. Additionally, Google Maps or other third-party websites may provide accurate opening times.


Determining the opening hours for Hardee’s needn’t be a hassle. Whether you’re craving an early breakfast or a late-night snack, Hardee’s is ready to serve up delicious options. Remember to check local listings for precise times, as they can vary by location.

Enjoy your next meal at Hardee’s!

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