What Time Does Blake’S Stop Serving Breakfast

Blake’s Lotaburger stops serving breakfast at 11 am. Make sure to arrive early to enjoy their morning menu.

Blake’s Lotaburger is a beloved regional fast-food chain known especially for its breakfast offerings and signature New Mexico-inspired flavors. Originating from the heart of Albuquerque in 1952, Blake’s has expanded to numerous locations, serving a loyal customer base. Their breakfast menu, which includes a variety of burritos, sandwiches, and sides, captures the essence of Southwestern cuisine.

Ensuring your day starts with a hearty meal, Blake’s provides a range of options that cater to diverse tastes. Remember to beat the 11 am cutoff to kickstart your morning with Blake’s satisfying breakfast choices.

What Time Does Blake'S Stop Serving Breakfast

Blake’s Breakfast Hours Introduction

The allure of breakfast at Blake’s lies in its savory and sweet menu options. People love their tasty meals early in the day. Hot coffee, fluffy pancakes, and crispy bacon draw a waking crowd. Yet, many wonder about Blake’s breakfast availability.

Day of the Week Breakfast Hours Start Breakfast Hours End
Monday – Friday 6:00 AM 11:00 AM
Saturday – Sunday 6:00 AM 12:00 PM

During the week, Blake’s serves breakfast until 11 AM. On weekends, guests have an extra hour to enjoy their meals. Their Saturday and Sunday service extends until noon. Now, anyone planning a visit knows just when to arrive for a delightful breakfast experience.

Early Bird Specials

Blake’s delights early risers with delicious breakfast options. Guests enjoy classic morning treats until the last call. Meal availability times can change, so confirm before visiting.

Favorites on the early menu feature savory and sweet choices. Famous pancakes and hearty omelets draw crowds. Seasonal fruit bowls and yogurt parfaits offer lighter options. Here’s what you’ll find:

Item Description Available Hours
Signature Pancakes Stack of fluffy goodness 6 AM – 11 AM
Veggie Omelet Fresh veggies, melted cheese 6 AM – 11 AM
Granola Parfait Crunchy granola, creamy yogurt 6 AM – 11 AM

Always check current hours as they might update. Enjoy Blake’s breakfast specials and start your day wonderfully!

Weekday Breakfast Routine

Blake’s serves breakfast Monday through Friday. A warm plate of eggs and toast can make your morning. Most mornings, busy people grab a coffee and a bagel. But what time does this morning joy end?

The last call for breakfast items is a key detail for early risers. Scrambling for a quick meal before work? Make sure you don’t miss out. Blake’s kitchen winds down the breakfast griddles earlier than some expect.

Day Breakfast Starts Breakfast Ends
Monday – Friday 6:00 AM 11:00 AM

Remember, no service past 11 AM. It’s best to arrive early. Savor those pancakes and sausage links before time runs out. Plan ahead, rise with the sun and enjoy Blake’s breakfast bounty.

What Time Does Blake'S Stop Serving Breakfast

Weekend Brunch Delights

Weekend mornings at Blake’s are a treat, thanks to extended breakfast hours. Guests can enjoy their morning favorites for longer on Saturdays and Sundays. Weekend brunch becomes even more special with items that are only available on these days. So if you’re in the mood for a late morning feast, Blake’s is ready to serve up something delicious.

Day Breakfast Starts Breakfast Ends
Saturday 8:00 AM 12:00 PM
Sunday 8:00 AM 1:00 PM

Make sure to visit Blake’s for these weekend-only specials that everyone loves. The pancakes are fluffy and sweeter, and the bacon gets extra crispy. It’s a breakfast experience you won’t want to miss!

Blake’s Menu Highlights

Blake’s breakfast menu shines with a variety of savory and sweet options. Fans rave about the signature burritos and fluffy pancakes. The breakfast burritos come packed with fresh eggs, cheese, and a choice of meat, making them a hearty choice for anyone starting their day.

For those focused on a healthier lifestyle, oatmeal with fruit and egg-white omelets stand out. Each dish is crafted with quality ingredients and designed to nourish the body while pleasing the palate. Attention to dietary preferences and restrictions helps ensure that all customers find something to love on Blake’s breakfast menu.

What Time Does Blake'S Stop Serving Breakfast

Location-specific Variations

Blake’s breakfast times can change depending on where you are. Each location sets its own schedule for breakfast service. It’s crucial to check your local Blake’s for the most accurate information. Cities might have earlier start times and extended hours due to higher demand.

To find breakfast hours near you, use Blake’s online store locator or download their mobile app. Enter your zip code or allow location access to see nearest Blake’s with breakfast times.

Holiday And Seasonal Adjustments

Blake’s often updates their breakfast serving times during holidays. Regular hours may shift to accommodate these special days. Patrons should check the latest information before planning a holiday visit.

Seasonal items also make appearances on the menu, reflecting fresh ingredients and festive flavors. These menu changes are anticipated by regulars eager for new tastes. Always ask staff about the season’s specials to try something different.

Maximizing Your Breakfast Experience

To enjoy Blake’s breakfast menu, plan your visit early. Many people want their tasty breakfasts! Beat the breakfast rush by arriving when they open. This way, you get the best selections.

Join Blake’s rewards program for deals on breakfast items. Earn points with every visit. Later, you can use these points for free meals or discounts. Always check the rewards app for any special morning deals!

Frequently Asked Questions For What Time Does Blake’s Stop Serving Breakfast

When Does Blake’s Breakfast Service End?

Blake’s stops serving breakfast at 11:00 AM. This allows customers to enjoy a variety of breakfast items before transitioning to the lunch menu.

Can I Get Breakfast Items After Breakfast Hours At Blake’s?

Unfortunately, Blake’s breakfast items are not available after breakfast hours. The menu switches to lunch offerings promptly at the end time.

Does Blake’s Serve Breakfast On Weekends?

Yes, Blake’s serves breakfast on weekends. However, breakfast hours may differ, often extending later than on weekdays to accommodate late sleepers.

Are There Any All-day Breakfast Options At Blake’s?

Blake’s typically does not offer all-day breakfast. Their menu focuses on breakfast items during designated morning hours only.


Wrapping up, knowing Blake’s breakfast hours can start your day on the right note. Ensure you swing by early to enjoy their hearty morning options. Remember, the early bird gets the pancakes—or in this case, all of Blake’s delicious breakfast treats! Don’t miss out; set your alarm and savor every bite.


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