What is the Price of Shoney’s Buffet? Uncover Savings!

The price of Shoney’s buffet typically ranges from $7 to $15 per person. Variability depends on the time of day, location, and whether it’s a weekday or weekend.

Enjoying a meal at Shoney’s buffet offers a variety of American comfort foods, from fresh salads to fried chicken. A Southern staple since 1947, Shoney’s provides a family-friendly dining experience that caters to a diversity of tastes. Their buffet usually includes breakfast items, seafood, carved meats, and a range of desserts making it a popular choice for those who love to have numerous options.

With its commitment to variety and quality, Shoney’s buffet presents a fulfilling dining option for patrons seeking a casual eatery with an all-you-can-eat format. Whether you’re looking for a hearty breakfast or a diverse dinner spread, the Shoney’s buffet price offers value for the assortment of dishes available.

The Appeal Of Shoney’s Buffet

Shoney’s Buffet offers a variety of mouthwatering dishes that cater to all tastes. Its rich tradition extends over several decades, providing families with delicious meals in a cozy environment. Founded in 1947, the brand quickly became a staple for American dining, embracing the concept of an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Distinct from others, Shoney’s Buffet is known for its wide selection of foods and the freshness they promise. Diners enjoy an assortment of meats, vegetables, and desserts. The buffet line features homestyle recipes, along with a salad bar. This variety ensures that everyone, from picky kids to diet-conscious adults, finds something to love.

Current Pricing Structure

The Shoney’s buffet offers a range of options for every meal. The breakfast price starts your day with a hearty meal. Guests will find the lunch buffet affordable, with a variety of dishes to enjoy. Dinner time brings a slightly higher cost, due to an expanded selection of entrees.

Discounts are available for both children and senior citizens. Kids can dine at reduced prices, making it family-friendly. Seniors receive special pricing as an appreciation for their patronage. These discounts ensure that Shoney’s buffet remains an accessible dining option for all age groups.

Decoding The Cost Factors

Shoney’s Buffet prices may vary by location due to differences in local market economies

Different regions can have costs that affect the overall pricing of the buffet

Additionally, Shoney’s may offer seasonal specials or holiday buffets that are priced differently. This is common in many restaurants

During certain times of the year, prices can change to reflect special menu offerings

Season/Holiday Typical Price Change
Christmas Increase
Thanksgiving Increase
Summer Specials Vary
What is the Price of Shoney's Buffet? Uncover Savings!

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Money-saving Strategies

Saving money on Shoney’s Buffet is easier with coupons and deals. Many websites offer printable discounts to slash your dining costs. Keep an eye on local newspapers or Shoney’s official site for special promotions. Joining the Shoney’s E-Club also brings exclusive offers directly to your inbox.

A membership in Shoney’s Loyalty Program can lead to rewarding dining experiences. Earn points every time you eat at Shoney’s. Over time, these points can turn into free meals or discounts. Remember that some credit cards offer cashback on dining out. Use them to save even more at Shoney’s Buffet.

Comparing Shoney’s Buffet To Competitors

Shoney’s Buffet stands out in the market for its balance of price and quality. Customers find the cost reasonable when compared to the diverse options available. The buffet offers a wide variety of dishes that cater to different tastes and dietary preferences.

The buffet’s emphasis on quality often earns positive reviews. Guests appreciate the freshness of the offerings and the friendly service. Shoney’s works hard to maintain high customer satisfaction. Its loyal customers consider the buffet a top choice for a family meal.

Buffet Feature Shoney’s Competitors
Price Point Reasonable Varies widely
Food Quality High Inconsistent
Menu Diversity Extensive Limited
Customer Happy Meter Satisfied Mixed feelings
What is the Price of Shoney's Buffet? Uncover Savings!

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Insider Tips For Buffet-goers

To enjoy the Shoney’s Buffet fully, pick the right time for your visit. Early mornings or late afternoons are less crowded. This means shorter lines and fresher food.

Get the most out of the buffet by trying small portions first. This allows you to taste various dishes. Then, go back for more of what you love most. Remember to save room for dessert!

What is the Price of Shoney's Buffet? Uncover Savings!

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Frequently Asked Questions Of What Is The Price Of Shoney’s Buffet

How Much Does Shoney’s Buffet Cost?

Shoney’s buffet prices vary based on location, time of day, and age of the customer. Generally, adult buffet prices range from $8 to $15. Children can often eat at a reduced rate, while seniors may receive a discount.

Does Shoney’s Offer Breakfast Buffet Options?

Yes, Shoney’s offers a breakfast buffet featuring a variety of traditional breakfast items. The available options include eggs, bacon, pancakes, and fruit. The breakfast buffet is typically priced lower than the dinner buffet.

Are There Discounts Available For Shoney’s Buffet?

Shoney’s occasionally provides discounts and special offers, especially for seniors, military personnel, and children. Coupons and promotional deals may also be available, so it’s recommended to check Shoney’s official website or local advertising.

What Times Are Shoney’s Buffet Available?

Shoney’s buffet hours usually start from early breakfast until late evening. However, times can vary depending on the specific location. It’s best to consult your local Shoney’s for their exact buffet hours.


Wrapping up, the cost of Shoney’s buffet may vary by location and time. Remember, it offers an array of options for every palate. Always check for the latest pricing and special offers. Visit Shoney’s for a fulfilling dining experience without breaking the bank.

Enjoy your meal!

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