Grandys Breakfast Buffet Price: Feast for Less!

As of 2023, Grandy’s breakfast buffet price typically ranges from $7 to $10. Prices can vary by location and time of year.

Grandy’s is renowned for its Southern-style comfort food, offering an inviting breakfast buffet to start the day. With a selection of freshly made biscuits, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, and pancakes, the buffet caters to a variety of tastes. Guests appreciate the value for money, alongside the warm, homestyle cooking that Grandy’s consistently delivers.

The family-friendly atmosphere at Grandy’s complements the hearty breakfast options available. Whether you’re fueling up for a busy day or indulging in a leisurely morning meal, Grandy’s buffet provides satisfying choices for both adults and children alike. Remember to check your local Grandy’s for the most accurate pricing and to confirm their latest offerings.

Savor The Morning Spread

Grandys Breakfast Buffet offers a variety of morning delights. Tantalizing flavors wait to greet your palate.

Imagine freshly baked pastries, ripe fruit, and steaming hot dishes. Your day starts with an energizing meal. Taste local favorites and international cuisine.

The buffet ensures food for every taste. Eggs, bacon, and pancakes create a classic breakfast. Choose from an array of wholesome options.

Every dish is prepared with care. Quality ingredients are the star. This breakfast experience fuels your morning activities. You’ll find both satisfaction and variety at Grandys.

Affordable Indulgence

Grandys Breakfast Buffet offers a tempting spread at an unbeatable price. For anyone craving variety without breaking the bank, this buffet hits the sweet spot. Guests will find options galore for one flat rate. The cost is easy on the wallet, delighting both taste buds and budgets.

Regular buffet-goers can save even more with available deals. Keep an eye on special promotions for families, early-bird specials, and discounted prices for children. Loyal customers might snag membership discounts. Check online or in-store for current offers.

Adults $11.99
Kids (4-10) $6.99
Kids (Under 4) Free

What To Expect On The Buffet Line

Grandys Breakfast Buffet offers a wide variety of mouth-watering choices. Guests can savor the flavors of freshly-cooked eggs, sizzling bacon, and fluffy pancakes straight from the griddle. Each bite promises to be delicious and satisfying.

  • Sweet treats include cinnamon rolls, fruit muffins, and French toast dusted with powdered sugar.
  • For a healthier start, pick from yogurt parfaits, oatmeal, or an assortment of fresh fruits.
Grandys Breakfast Buffet Price: Feast for Less!


Family-friendly Dining Experience

The Grandys Breakfast Buffet welcomes every family with open arms. With its array of tasty options, kids find meals they love. The buffet features items like fresh pancakes, scrambled eggs, and crispy bacon. Every dish is made to delight both young and old taste buds.

Parents can relax knowing that the restaurant offers a secure and cozy environment. The casual setting allows families to enjoy their meals without any rush. Children can pick their favorite fruits and sweet treats. The atmosphere is perfect for a Sunday brunch or a family outing during any day of the week.

Grandys Buffet Hacks

To make the most of Grandys Breakfast Buffet, arrive early. An early start ensures fresh food and fewer crowds. Take a quick look at the entire spread before you begin. This way, you can strategize your meal and pick your favorites. Don’t fill up on just one dish; instead, try small portions of various items.

Remember to pair carbs with proteins to stay full longer. Don’t skip the made-to-order stations if available; they provide fresh, hot dishes. Balance sweet and savory to satisfy all your cravings. Always leave room for a piece of fruit or dessert at the end. Tackle the buffet with these pro tips and you’ll make your visit to Grandy’s a delightful dining experience.

Grandys Breakfast Buffet Price: Feast for Less!


Grandys Breakfast Buffet Price: Feast for Less!


Frequently Asked Questions For Grandys Breakfast Buffet Price

What Is Grandys Breakfast Buffet Price?

The cost of Grandy’s Breakfast Buffet varies by location. Generally, prices range from $7 to $10 per person. This includes a variety of breakfast items you can enjoy.

Are Drink Included With Grandys Breakfast Buffet?

Drinks are typically not included with the base price of Grandy’s Breakfast Buffet. They may be available for an additional charge. Always check with the specific location for details.

What Items Are On The Grandys Breakfast Buffet Menu?

Grandy’s Breakfast Buffet features a wide assortment of options, such as biscuits, gravy, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, and fresh fruit. The selection can vary by location and day.

Does Grandys Offer Buffet Discounts For Kids?

Yes, Grandy’s often provides discounts for children’s breakfast buffet prices. It’s best to contact your local Grandy’s for specific age-based discounts and pricing information.


Wrapping up, the value Grandy’s offers with their breakfast buffet is undeniable. Priced affordably, it invites a range of appetites for a hearty morning meal. Remember, the next time you crave variety and flavor without breaking the bank, their spread awaits your palate.

A visit ensures a satisfying start to any day.

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