Condados Happy Hour

Condados Tacos offers Happy Hour specials with discounted drinks and appetizers. The event typically runs on weekdays during early evening hours.

Visit Condados Tacos for an unforgettable Happy Hour experience that combines the vibrant atmosphere of a Mexican eatery with unbeatable deals. Embrace the casual yet electrifying vibe as you enjoy a selection of discounted appetizers, perfect for sharing with friends or unwinding after work.

Sip on signature margaritas, crisp beers, or an array of handcrafted cocktails that cater to every taste, all while saving on your favorites during these designated hours. Whether you’re a local foodie or just in town for a visit, Condados’ Happy Hour promises a perfect blend of flavor and fun at a fraction of the price. Don’t miss out on this ideal opportunity to indulge in tasty tacos and beverages that won’t break the bank.

Condados Tacos: A Happy Hour Haven

Condado’s Tacos reimagines happy hour with its unique approach. It introduces a blend of bold flavors and vibrant atmospheres. Guests find themselves immersed in an experience that transcends the standard drink specials. The concept originated from a desire to offer more than just discounts.

Guests are welcomed into a world where customizability and variety reign supreme. Signature tacos, exclusive margaritas, and handcrafted cocktails pair with an eclectic ambiance. Each element contributes to Condado’s standout happy hour. This approach has earned a dedicated following and set Condado’s Tacos apart in a crowded marketplace.

Condados Happy Hour

The Drinks Menu: Margaritas And More

Crafting the Perfect Margarita requires fresh ingredients and attention to details. Choose from classic lime, strawberry, or exotic mango flavors. Enjoy a blend of top-shelf tequila, triple sec, and fresh lime juice. Each drink is a balance of tart and sweet, creating a refreshing taste experience.

Non-Margarita Delights expand the selection for varied taste buds. Embrace the fizzy fun of mojitos or the smooth savor of whiskey sours. Cold beers and crisp wines are also available.

Drink Price Special
Margarita $5 2-for-1
Mojito $4 Happy Hour
Beer $3 Discounted

Happy Hour Specials: A Sip of Savings beckons with unbeatable prices. Between 3-5 PM, prices drop and cheer rises. Sample various drinks without a hefty tab. Relish in the camaraderie and upbeat atmosphere.

Delicious Deals: Condado’s Happy Hour Bites

Get ready for mouth-watering bargains at Condado’s Happy Hour! Every bite offers a burst of flavor without hurting your wallet. The menu includes a range of tasty tacos at a steal.

Don’t miss the shareable plates and delicious sides! Friends can dive into generous portions perfect for splitting. Condado makes sure no one is left out.

For our friends eating plant-based, veggie lovers rejoice! A section of the menu focuses on vegetarian and vegan delights. These dishes are crafted with care, ensuring full flavor for all.

Condados Happy Hour

Ambiance And Atmosphere

Condado’s Happy Hour brings a burst of energy to your evenings. The decor is lively, with colorful murals and bright, eclectic furnishings. It’s a spot where friends gather, and laughter fills the air. Picture bold artwork on the walls, vibrant with a mix of modern and traditional touches.

The mood is skillfully set with a curated playlist that blends upbeat tempos and chilled rhythms. As the sunlight fades, the music gently shifts, creating a perfect backdrop for sipping and chatting. The atmosphere buzzes with a dynamic energy, inviting you to relax and enjoy the evening. Condado’s becomes not just a place, but an experience that captivates the senses.

Community And Cultivation

Condado Tacos loves to keep customers coming back for more. They understand that creating a strong community feel around their brand is key. Happy hour specials draw in both new and returning patrons, eager for tasty deals.

By hosting regular events and gatherings, Condado Tacos fosters a sense of belonging. Such events often feature unique taco flavors or limited-time drinks. These specials entice food lovers across the region. People love to bond over great food and drink. Condado’s dedication to this experience cultivates a loyal following.

Day Happy Hour Time Offer Details
Monday-Friday 4 PM – 7 PM $2 off margaritas and tacos
Saturday 3 PM – 6 PM Half-price nachos
Sunday All day Buy 2 get 1 free on select beers

Happy Hour Strategy: Timing Is Everything

Timing happy hour visits is key! Tuesday to Thursday evenings offer a mix of excitement and relaxed vibes. These days tend to draw fewer crowds, making for an ideal experience. For a livelier atmosphere, Fridays can’t be beaten. Just be prepared for a bigger audience.

Avoiding peak times means faster service and often, a better spot. Early birds arriving right at the start of happy hour enjoy quick seating. Latecomers can still catch last-minute deals, so arriving an hour before closing is smart.

Rewards And Loyalty Programs

Becoming a member of the Condado’s loyalty club unlocks a treasure trove of benefits. Exclusive discounts await those who join, ensuring every sip and snack stretches your dollar further. Delight in the comfort of knowing that loyal patrons are rewarded with every visit.

Embrace technology to enhance your dining experience at Condado’s. Downloading the Condado’s app opens the door to ‘App-y Hour’, where deals and discounts pop up at your fingertips. Stay updated with the latest promotions and never miss out on happy hour specials again.

Condados Happy Hour

Happy Hour Across The Map

Condado’s Happy Hour is a time for joy and great deals. Each location offers unique twists on classic favorites. Guests experience local flavors and customs. The happy hour menu features discounted drinks and appetizers. It varies based on regional tastes.

Menu highlights include crafted cocktails and handmade tacos. These specials change depending on the city. Their happy hour times may differ too. Some places start early, others run late. This allows everyone to enjoy their offerings.

City Specials Time
Columbus $2 Tacos 4-6 PM
Pittsburgh $5 Margaritas 5-7 PM
Nashville Half-Price Nachos 3-5 PM

Frequently Asked Questions On Condados Happy Hour

Who Owns Condado Tacos?

Condado Tacos is owned by private equity firm The Beekman Group. They acquired the ownership in 2018 to support the chain’s expansion.

Where Did Condado Originate?

Condado, a Puerto Rican term for a district or neighborhood, originates from Puerto Rico. It typically refers to affluent areas, notably Condado in San Juan.

How Many Locations Does Condado Tacos Have?

Condado Tacos operates over 20 locations across multiple states. Each venue offers a unique dining experience with a diverse menu.

Is Condado Fast Food?

No, Condado is not considered a fast food restaurant. It specializes in providing a sit-down dining experience featuring tacos and related Mexican-inspired cuisine.


Wrapping up your guide to Condados Happy Hour, remember that it’s more than just great deals. It’s about the experience. Unique flavors, vibrant atmosphere, and the joy of sharing – all await. Bookmark this post, grab your friends, and make your next evening out a hit.

Cheers to savvy sipping and dining at Condados!


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