Bob Evans Open Time

Bob Evans Open Time: Your Guide to Savoring Every Meal!

Bob Evans restaurants typically open at 7:00 AM. Closing times can vary, so check your local restaurant for exact hours.

Bob Evans, a chain recognized for its classic American fare, has long been a staple for those seeking hearty breakfasts and homestyle dinners. With a family-friendly atmosphere, it caters to both early birds eager for sunrise meals and diners looking for a fulfilling dinner.

Known for their farm-fresh ingredients and a menu that boasts comfort food favorites, Bob Evans establishments provide a welcoming setting for any meal of the day. The restaurant’s hours accommodate a range of schedules, offering a convenient dining option for virtually anyone. Whether you’re planning a morning meet-up or a casual evening out, it’s wise to verify the specific opening and closing times of your local Bob Evans to ensure a seamless dining experience.

Bob Evans Open Time: Your Guide to Savoring Every Meal!

Bob Evans: A Tradition Of Homestyle Cooking

Bob Evans stands as a beacon of homestyle cooking. This eatery’s roots dig deep into the American culinary tradition. Bob Evans Farms started as a small diner. It was founded by Bob Evans himself in 1948. The simple goal was to serve high-quality food in a friendly atmosphere.

The brand’s signature approach lies in its farm-fresh philosophy. Quality ingredients and heartwarming recipes set Bob Evans apart. Families gather here to enjoy comfort meals that feel homemade. Their commitment to flavor and service excellence is unwavering. It’s what makes each meal at Bob Evans unique. It’s not just about food; it’s an experience that brings people together.

Bob Evans Open Time: Your Guide to Savoring Every Meal!

Key To Convenience: Knowing The Right Time

Bob Evans welcomes customers early, opening at 6 AM on most days. The doors close at 9 PM from Sunday to Thursday, and at 10 PM on Fridays and Saturdays. Early risers can enjoy a quiet breakfast without the hustle and bustle. The best time for a relaxed meal is between 2 PM and 5 PM, avoiding lunch and dinner rushes. Tables are readily available, and the staff can provide more personalized service during these off-peak hours. Ensuring a pleasant dining experience at Bob Evans is easy with the right timing.

Breakfast At Bob Evans: Start Your Day Right

Bob Evans opens early to welcome guests for breakfast. Delicious options fill the menu, perfect for a hearty start. The Sunshine Breakfast is a classic choice, featuring eggs, meat, and pancakes. Fans of savory dishes often pick The Country Biscuit Breakfast. It includes biscuits topped with gravy and sides.

If you love savings, take advantage of morning specials. These deals often combine popular items at reduced prices. Check for offers like the Early Bird Special. Great for folks aiming to eat well without spending much. Kids have options crafted just for them, ensuring they head out full and happy. Remember to peek at the season’s specials for unique treats that change throughout the year.

Lunch Offerings: Midday Meals To Power Through

Bob Evans delights its customers with tempting lunch combos. These meals meet all your midday hunger needs. Tasty customer favorites often include the signature slow-roasted turkey and stuffing. This dish is always a hit!

Folks pick their own pairings to create the perfect meal. The menu caters to many dietary preferences. Are you seeking healthy options? You’ll find plenty of fresh salads and savory soups. These dishes are both nutritious and delicious. Bob Evans ensures every guest finds a meal to love.

Dinner Delights: Ending The Day On A High Note

Enjoy a hearty meal at Bob Evans as your day winds down. Dinner delights are aplenty, with the menu boasting signature dinner plates that promise to satisfy. From savory pot roast to home-style fried chicken, these meals turn dinner into a celebration.

Don’t miss the seasonal specials, featuring the freshest ingredients of the season. Families can save with dinner deals meant to make dining out affordable and fun. Return often to discover new flavors and dishes that highlight the best of the season’s offerings.

Family And Kids’ Options: Feasting Together

Bob Evans offers delightful Family meal bundles and deals for both parents and children. Whether you’re dining in or taking out, their meal bundles make mealtime a breeze. Enjoy a variety of options, from homestyle favorites to lighter fare, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Kids have their own special menu at Bob Evans, with tasty and nutritious picks that cater to the younger guests. Dishes are crafted to be kid-friendly, featuring both classic choices and healthier alternatives. The goal is always to please the little ones while giving peace of mind to the parents.

Family Bundle Price
Signature Chicken & Noodles $19.99
Slow-Roasted Turkey & Dressing $24.99
Grilled Chicken Family Dinner $20.99
Kids’ Menu Item Sides Drink Included?
Chicken Tenders Mashed Potatoes Yes
Mac & Cheese Broccoli Yes
Grilled Cheese Carrot Sticks Yes

Weekend Brunches At Bob Evans

Weekend brunches at Bob Evans start early and offer tasty options. Saturday and Sunday, doors open at 6 AM. Guests enjoy extended breakfast hours. The menu has exclusive brunch items, loved by children and adults alike. Special dishes blend breakfast with lunch flavors. The brunch menu stops at 2 PM. The pleasant atmosphere attracts families. Friends meet for a relaxing meal. Early birds and late risers all find something special.

Day Start Time End Time Special Notes
Saturday 6 AM 2 PM Kids and adults’ favorites
Sunday 6 AM 2 PM

Navigating The Menu: Tips And Tricks

Exploring Bob Evans’ seasonal menu is like a treasure hunt. Each season brings new flavors and unique dishes to try. To find what you love, look at the seasonal specials. These dishes use fresh ingredients that are in their prime.

For those with specific tastes, customizing meals is key. Ask to swap out sides, or request additional toppings. The kitchen at Bob Evans is usually happy to accommodate. Let your taste buds guide you, and don’t be shy to make your meal your own! Remember, your plate should be a map of flavors you enjoy.

Special Occasions And Celebrations

Bob Evans delights diners with festive holiday hours and special menus.

For Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, they often extend their open times.

These holidays may feature unique dishes that suit the season.

Thinking of a big event?

Catering services by Bob Evans bring farm-fresh goodness to your event.

You can enjoy hearty meals without cooking.

Holiday Open Time Special Menu
Easter 8 AM – 8 PM Ham and Eggs
Thanksgiving 8 AM – 8 PM Turkey with Stuffing
Christmas 8 AM – 3 PM Rib Roast Special

Remember to check local listings as hours may change.

Bob Evans Open Time: Your Guide to Savoring Every Meal!

Rewards And Savings: Pay Less, Enjoy More

Joining the Bob Evans loyalty program unlocks many benefits. Earn points with each purchase and enjoy free meals. Members get birthday treats and exclusive access to new dishes too. Don’t forget to sign up for email updates; they bring special coupons straight to your inbox. Visit the Bob Evans website to learn more about the loyalty program and start saving today!

  • Sign up easily on their website or in-store.
  • Earn points every time you dine.
  • Free meals are waiting as you gather more points.
  • Special birthday offers to celebrate your day.
  • Get exclusive coupons with email sign-up.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Bob Evans Open Time

When Did The First Bob Evans Open?

The first Bob Evans restaurant opened in 1962 in Rio Grande, Ohio.

What Is Bob Evans Famous For?

Bob Evans is renowned for its homestyle American cuisine, particularly its breakfast menu featuring sausage products and comfort food.

How Many States Is Bob Evans In?

Bob Evans operates in 18 states across the United States.

How To Contact Bob Evans?

To contact Bob Evans, visit their official website’s contact page or call their customer service at 1-866-616-6464.


Wrapping up, understanding Bob Evans’ operating times can greatly streamline your dining plans. Make sure to check their schedule before heading out for a meal. Embrace the homestyle goodness on your schedule, and indulge in the comfort of their hearty dishes when it suits you best.

Whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Bob Evans awaits with open doors and warm meals.


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