Als Pizza Menu Highlights: Savor the Top Pies & Deals!

Al’s Pizza offers a variety of hand-tossed pizzas made with fresh ingredients. Their menu includes classic and gourmet toppings to satisfy every palate.

Dive into the world of flavors at Al’s Pizza, where the aroma of baking pies fills the air. This pizzeria prides itself on crafting mouthwatering pizzas that blend traditional methods with modern twists. The menu features an assortment of choices, from the simplicity of a Margherita to the heartiness of a Meat Lovers pizza.

Each pizza is made using freshly kneaded dough and adorned with a selection of premium cheeses, robust sauces, and fresh toppings. Al’s Pizza not only caters to pizza aficionados but also offers options for those with dietary restrictions, ensuring that there’s a slice for everyone. With a commitment to quality and taste, Al’s Pizza stands out as a go-to destination for those seeking a delightful pizza experience.

Als Pizza Menu Highlights: Savor the Top Pies & Deals!


Slicing Into Al’s Pizza History

The origins of Al’s Pizza trace back to a small kitchen where passion met dough. It was there that a dream to serve the perfect slice began. Over years, dedication to authentic flavors and traditional techniques transformed a modest venture into a beloved community staple.

Famed for a remarkable balance of cheese, sauce, and crust, Al’s Pizza earned its reputation. Accolades and awards came naturally, with local food critics and customers alike recognizing Al’s. Pride swells with each Best Pizza title earned at culinary competitions. Al’s Pizza stands out as a slice above, consistently wowing pizza lovers.

Signature Pies That Make Al’s A Landmark

The Famous Margherita Mastery is a classic favorite at Al’s Pizza. Fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil sit atop a crispy crust, drizzled with olive oil. The simplicity of ingredients allows the quality and flavors to shine through, creating a must-try dish for pizza lovers.

Next on the menu, Al’s Meat Lover’s Extravaganza speaks to those craving hearty toppings. With pepperoni, sausage, ham, and bacon, this pie is loaded. Each slice offers a generous amount of meats, making it a robust option for a fulfilling meal.

For guests favoring greens, The Veggie Delight Special is an excellent choice. A colorful array of vegetables including bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, and olives are spread over a cheesy layer. This pizza is not just delicious but also a vibrant testimony to Al’s dedication to freshness and quality.

Seasonal Specials To Look Out For

Excited about trying new flavors? Al’s Pizza introduces exciting seasonal specials. With the summer sun, indulge in pizzas topped with fresh, seasonal toppings. Imagine biting into a slice bursting with sweet, homegrown tomatoes or fragrant basil. It’s truly a taste of the season!

As the temperatures drop, our menu adapts to offer winter warmers. Treat yourself to indulgent limited editions that feature rich, hearty toppings. They are perfect for cozy meals. These editions often include items like creamy goat cheese, roasted winter vegetables, and succulent meats. They bring a sensation of warmth and comfort during the chilly months.

Combo Deals And Family Specials

Als Pizza boasts tantalizing Combo Deals perfect for family dining.

  • Family Feast Bundles include a variety of pizzas, wings, and desserts.
  • Large pizzas with three toppings and a 2-liter soda.
  • 2 sides of your choice to complete the meal experience.

Date Night Deals offer a romantic dinner for two at a great price.

  • Heart-shaped pizza plus two soft drinks is a couple’s delight.
  • Free dessert to sweeten the night is included.

Catch the midday hunger with Lunchtime Offers sure to satisfy.

  • Personal pizzas plus a salad are quick and hearty.
  • Exclusive discounts on selected items until 2 PM only.

Expanding Beyond Pizza: Sides And More

Al’s Pizza isn’t just about cheesy slices anymore.

Dive into Garlic Knots, perfectly twisty and golden. They pair delightfully with a variety of dipping sauces.

Choose from classic tomato, spicy cheese, or garlic butter. Each bite will leave you wanting more.

Don’t miss out on the Fresh Salads – they’re a crisp and healthy addition to your meal.

From Caesar to Garden, these salads feature fresh veggies and tasty toppings.

For those who love a touch of Italy, Italian Appetizers await!

Enjoy stuffed mushrooms, mozzarella sticks, or bruschetta. They’re perfect as a starter or a side.

Als Pizza Menu Highlights: Savor the Top Pies & Deals!


Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Al’s Pizza menu offers a sweet twist to your meal. Classic Italian desserts delight with each bite. Enjoy a slice of Tiramisu, layered with coffee-soaked ladyfingers. Or, savor the creamy richness of Cannoli, filled with sweet, ricotta cheese. For a fruity finish, opt for the zesty Lemon Sorbet.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Al’s Pizza introduces Innovative Sweet Pizzas. Imagine a soft, doughy base topped with melted chocolate, fresh strawberries, and a sprinkle of powdered sugar. Or, choose the Nutella and Banana Pizza for a nutty, sweet sensation. These desserts are perfect for those who crave a unique treat.

Crafting Your Own Pie

Crafting your own pie at Al’s Pizza lets you get creative. For the foundation of your masterpiece, choose between a classic hand-tossed, crispy thin crust, or a heartier deep-dish base. Our crusts are made with high-quality flour and fresh yeast, ensuring the perfect start to your delicious creation.

Next comes the sauce and cheese. Will it be the rich traditional tomato, zesty garlic pesto, or perhaps a creamy Alfredo? Top it off with a generous sprinkle of our premium mozzarella, smoked provolone, or even a vegan alternative to satisfy all preferences.

An Array of Toppings
Fresh Veggies Meats & Protien
Mushrooms Pepperoni
Green Peppers Sausage
Red Onions Grilled Chicken
Black Olives Beef
Als Pizza Menu Highlights: Savor the Top Pies & Deals!


Catering And Events With Al’s Pizza

Al’s Pizza offers delicious options for private parties and celebrations. A variety of pizzas, pastas, and salads can be customized to fit every event’s theme.

For business events and lunches, Al’s Pizza provides quick, tasty meals. We ensure timely delivery and setup so your event runs smoothly. Our menu caters to all dietary preferences.

Event Type Menu Options Special Services
Private Parties Custom Pizza, Pasta, Salad Theme Customization
Business Lunches Express Meal Combinations Delivery & Setup

Hungry For Savings: Loyalty Programs And Discounts

Al’s Pizza Points offers you savory rewards. Earn points on every order. Redeem points for discounts on your pizza favorites. Join for free, and start saving today!

Dive into Al’s Pizza Promotional Nights. Enjoy deals like Two-for-Tuesday and Family Friday Deals. Happy Hours bring you half-price appetizers. Don’t miss out!

Ordering Made Easy

Enjoy your favorite pizza with Al’s Pizza online system. Pick your toppings and size, then order with ease. Speedy delivery brings hot pizza to your door. Or choose pickup for a quick grab-and-go. Pay online or in person – flexible options for everyone. Dive into deliciousness now!

Frequently Asked Questions On Als Pizza Menu

How Long Has Al’s Pizza Been Around?

Al’s Pizza has been serving delicious pizzas since its establishment in 1988.

What Is On Al’s Pizza Menu?

Al’s Pizza features a variety of hand-tossed pizzas with various toppings, calzones, fresh salads, and pasta dishes. They also offer starters like garlic knots and mozzarella sticks, alongside a selection of desserts.

Does Al’s Pizza Offer Vegetarian Options?

Yes, Al’s Pizza provides vegetarian choices such as veggie pizzas, salads, and cheese calzones. They ensure fresh ingredients and a range of meat-free toppings to cater to vegetarians.

Are There Any Gluten-free Pizzas At Al’s Pizza?

Indeed, Al’s Pizza accommodates those with gluten sensitivities by offering gluten-free crust options. Customers can enjoy most of the pizza toppings on a gluten-free base.


Exploring Al’s Pizza menu offers a journey through delightful flavors and fresh ingredients. Every slice promises a taste of tradition and culinary passion. Whether it’s the classics or innovative toppings you crave, satisfaction is just an order away. Savor the experience; Al’s brings more than just pizza—it’s a slice of happiness.

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